With so many dog breeds to choose from it is likely you are confused about which dog will be the perfect addition to your family. Honestly, there are many dogs that are great for families. But your environment makes a big difference when making the choice. You see, some dogs prefer open spaces like farms and suburban neighborhoods, while some breeds can make do with an apartment in the city.

Before revealing the best dog breed for families, it is important to buy your pet essentials. This includes feeding bowls, sleeping beds or kennels, and good dog harnesses.

The Best Family Dog: Labrador Retriever

Without a doubt, Labradors are the best dogs hands down. In fact, it is the most popular dog breed in the United States Of America. The Labrador is so versatile that it is used in many fields. They are employed as guard dogs, tracking dogs, guide dogs, and hunting dogs. But most importantly, they make an excellent family member thanks to their obedience, patience, friendliness, and aptitude for training.

By nature, Labradors are eager to please. This means they look forward to training and obeying their owners. They are also great with kids and have high energy levels to keep up with them. Their outgoing nature makes them the perfect companion for walks and hikes. Labrador’s barking level is also medium which means they will not annoy you with constant noise pollution.

It is important to note that Labradors shed regularly. So it is advisable to brush them every week.

Honorable Mentions

If you are looking for another dog breed for your family, here are some more good breed options –


Do not let a Bulldog’s wrinkles and tough appearance fool you. These dogs are happy and kind. They are also calm, friendly, courageous, and have a dignified aura about them. Bulldogs are perfect for urban settings as they do not require a lot of physical activity. But regular walks are important for the dog’s physical and mental health.

Bulldogs do not shed very frequently which makes them manageable. A weekly grooming session will do them good.

Golden Retriever

Labrador’s close relative the Golden Retriever is another good option. First, they are very cute and cuddly in appearance making them likable to every family member. They also share similar characteristics to Labradors like patience, loyalty, and friendliness.

Golden Retrievers need regular exercise as they are very energetic. They will do well with active kids and family members. Retrievers are also very intelligent and can be trained to do many impressive things.


These small, energetic, and friendly dogs are easy to maintain. Beagles are also very smart and can be trained to accomplish various feats. Their compact size and seasonal shedding mean they are easy to look after. Beagles are also naturally friendly to other canines.

An important thing to note is that Beagles are very active. This means you must exercise them regularly. Also, as a small dog breed, they tend to bark more frequently.