Alleviate Pain Of Your Beloved Pet

Humans and pets have a pure and special bond. Pets provide love, comfort, joy and emotional support to us and they become a part of our family. When their health begins to deteriorate pet euthanasia is the best option. Pet euthanasia means putting your pet to sleep without experiencing any pain or discomfort. Pet euthanasia can be performed in a clinic or at home.

No doubt it’s so difficult for us to decide where to put our pet to sleep. If you are looking for at home dog and cat euthanasia Zen Dog Vet can provide your pet with final peaceful journey. We provide services at New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island (Nassau) and Westchester. Contact us at [email protected] or (917) 725-2755 or visit us at 1178 Broadway 3rd floor #1271, New York, NY 10001.

A licensed veterinary specialized in end-of-life care performs pet euthanasia. For this procedure two injections are used. First injection is a sedative drug given to the pet is to calm, relax his body and put him to sleep within minutes. Second one is euthanasia solution, which will stop the heart and shut down some parts of brain, bringing painless death.

  • Benefits of at-home pet euthanasia
  • Your pet’s final breath can be in his favorite place like in your lap or with his favorite toys or in bed. Compared to clinic where it can be stressful due to other animals present.
  • Commonly pets dislike visiting vet due to it being clinical in nature.  
  • Owner can see the whole process of putting pet to sleep and be there for them till the end.
  • For some pets that have mobility issue, trouble walking and are in pain getting them in car can become problematic.
  • Owner gets to be in safety of their home, which allows them to get emotional and grieve the loss without having to face others.
  • Benefits of pet euthanasia at vet clinic
  • In case of emergency, it is necessary to take the pet to veterinary clinic, so he receives urgent attention from the doctors and does not suffer while waiting for his appointment of euthanasia at home.  
  • When your pet is already at hospital and critically ill, it becomes tiresome for him to travel back home.
  • As we all know how a dog reacts to a stranger coming home, when a vet comes and rings doorbell the pet may feel anxious and hide away.
  • When you decide to take them to clinic, bring their blanket or toys to provide comfort and make them feel at home.

Deciding when to put your pet in euthanasia is not easy, it all depends upon how comfortable he feels. Consulting your vet will help make it clear. Wellbeing of pet should be considered while deciding to choose clinic or at-home euthanasia. It is different for each pet keeping in mind their personality and health. Want to know more about at home euthanasia click here to visit our site.