5 Most Trusted Puppy Food Brands in the UAE

Puppies will need the right care at the right time to boost their immune system and overall health. They need the healthiest food to help them grow up vibrant, strong and healthy.

Here are the fivebest puppy food brands you can buy if you are in the United Arab Emirates.

1. Royal Canin

Royal Canin was founded by a veterinarian, with the aim of providing precise nutritional answers. Their products are well adapted to the unique needs of dogs. Today, their products are distributed through vet clinics and specialized pet shops in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Health Nutrition is Royal Canin’s ultimate mission, and this is characterized by an accurate balance between over 50 nutrients, including fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Whenever they create a nutritional formula, they place the animal at the heart of the process. This further means that all the ingredients they use are selected for their nutritional benefits.

Health Nutrition will require safety standards and high food quality, and Royal Canin guarantees products with constant nutritional formulations. In fact, their profound knowledge of raw products and the systematic controls in every phase deliver an uncompromised quality-security procedure.

4 Royal Canin Products for your Puppies

BHN Chihuahua

This is a complete feed for your Chihuahuas that are over eight months old. It satisfies your canine’s appetite with its combination of three factors: an exclusive formulation, different flavours and an adapted kibble shape and size. This formula has calcium chelators that can reduce tartar formulation.

Junior Mini

This has been specially formulated to stimulate the appetite of small breed puppies up to 10 months old or 10kg. It meets the high energy needs of puppies while growing. Also, it satisfies fussy appetites.

Shih Tzu Jr

Shih Tzu puppies will need a food with special nutrients for them to become healthy and strong. Their immune system needs a special boost for them to become a resistant adult dog. And Royal Canin Shih Tzu Junior is the best food for them up to 10 months.

This has antioxidant properties for a stronger immune system. Also, it supports harmonious growth with optimal protein contents.

Medium Junior

This is the complete dog food for medium breed puppies up to 12 months. It contains a unique formula that supports the development of the natural defenses of your puppy. Also, it meets the requirements of rapid growth and ensures strong skeletal development.


ACANA is known to make biologically appropriate food for pets from fresh ingredients. Also, they make them in their own kitchens using eggs, fish, poultry and meats that are sustainably farmed, fished and ranched by local suppliers. All the ingredients they use are delivered to their kitchens every day.

ACANA’s Pet Foods adhere to following 5 Mother Nature rules:

  • High fresh meat inclusions
  • Glycemic and carbohydrate limited
  • Rich in protein and meat
  • WholePrey meat ratios
  • A variety of fresh meats

ACANA’s fresh ingredients mirror the natural diet, supplying nutrients in their most natural, freshest form. They don’t use frozen meats. Moreover, all ingredients are loaded with goodness and don’t contain any preservatives.

ACANA oversees every detail of pet food preparation, from where the ingredients are coming from, to cooking, to packaging. So if you choose ACANA, you are sure that your puppy’s food has been made in ACANA’s own kitchens using their own freshly sourced ingredients. ACANA products guarantee to keep your puppy happy, healthy and strong.

2 ACANA Products for your Puppies

Puppy Large Breed

Large breed puppies must be given a diet rich in protein and meat to develop muscles, but with limited calories and carbohydrates to manage their body weight. Thus, ACANA Puppy Large Breed is full of wild-caught flounder, nest-laid eggs and free-run chicken.

Also, it is free of fast carbohydrates and grains like potato, tapioca, and rice. It is loaded with proteins to promote peak conditioning and lean muscles.

Puppy & Junior Medium

Puppies are carnivores, meaning they want a variety of fresh whole meats with smaller amounts of vegetables and fruits. ACANA Puppy & Junior is packed with nest-laid eggs and free-run chicken from local farms.

It is rich in meat proteins to encourage the peak development and conditioning of your puppies.

3. Little BigPaw

Little BigPaw products only include natural ingredients. Also, every single mouthful is guaranteed to have been expertly balanced to give your pet optimum nutrition.

Every dog is unique – they have different personalities, tastes and health conditions. Little BigPaw carefully selects which ingredients should be added to their recipes. This way, their food products and treats are suitable for delicate tummies and mouth-watering even to the fussiest eaters.

Little BigPaw is a fan of wet dog foods. But they also offer a variety of products, including healthy oven baked treats. They only add products that are of high quality. They are also passionate about giving the best for your puppies so they’ll feel and look healthy.

Using innovative ingredients, their recipes are full of superfood fruits and vegetables, fresh meal, nourishing oils, and botanical herbs. They create products that are nutritious and delicious.

Their wet foods for small and toy breed dogs are specially designed for smaller dogs. Since their products are packed with energy, rich in calories and nutrient dense, even a small amount of food can give a large amount of energy for your canine.

3 Little BigPaw Products for your Puppies

Traditional Turkey & Vegetable Dinner

This is made with fresh turkey that is easily digestible and highly nutritious. It contains carrots, green peas, and potatoes for healthy digestion and optimum energy.

Also, it includes Vitamins A, B complex, D & E for strong bones and teeth and healthy immune system. Moreover, it has nutritious kelp and basil to promote your puppies’ overall health and well-being.

Steamed Atlantic Salmon & Vegetable Terrine

This is packed with delicious Atlantic salmon that is rich in omega oils and highly nutritious. Aside from natural carbohydrates and vitamins, it is also full of essential fatty acids for joint care, great skin and a shiny coat.

Tender Duck & Vegetable Dinner

This is made with fresh duck meat that is low in fat and highly nutritious.

Also, it contains natural carbohydrates for optimum energy, fatty acids for joint care, vitamins and minerals for strong bones and teeth, and healthy herbs for overall health and well-being.

Take note that all Little BigPaw products are packed with natural goodness. Most importantly, they don’t have artificial flavourings, colorings, and preservatives, dairy, wheat, soya and grain.

4. Vitalin

Vitalin combines a perfect blend of ingredients, modern manufacturing techniques, and nutritional expertise to create a balanced, delicious food for your dogs. They endeavour to only source the best, freshest ingredients and to be environmentally conscious.

AllVitalin pet food is made in their own factory, thus they know what is exactly in their dog food. They offer free samples for your puppy to try. And if you are not sure which of their super premium life stage range products suits your canine, you can freely ask them.

Be reminded though that these samples are intended as tasters and must be a part of your puppies’ normal diet. Thus, they recommend trialling their product for at least six weeks to assess if it is suitable for your puppies. They can also provide you with a guide on how to switch products.

The Only Vitalin Product for your Puppies

Puppy Food Chicken & Rice

This is best for puppies aged 1-12 months. It has been formulated as a balanced and nutritionally complete recipe to help puppies maximize their growth and development.

It is a wheat gluten-free and hypoallergenic food that contains superb protein with rice. It also has herbs, fruits, and vegetables, such as apple that offers a natural source of Vitamin C and seaweed that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Rosehips, blueberries, and rosemary were also incorporated; thus, it has natural antioxidant properties.

Moreover, prebiotic FOS and MOS were added to support the digestive system of your puppies.

5. Applaws

Applaws offers pet food that contains natural ingredients, making it one of the best foods for keeping your puppies in peak condition. They further emphasize that all their products have no artificial flavours, colors or preservatives. They reassure that the ingredients they use are sourced with ethical standards.

Applaws has been creating pet food for a decade. In fact, they have created some of the “world’s firsts,” including the first grain-free dry food that is made with 80% animal protein. The natural goodness of their products is never compromised.

3 Applaws Products for your Puppies

Puppy Small & Medium Breed with Chicken

This is a natural food for your puppies with a high level of meat protein with various fruits, herbs and vegetables. All these ingredients are designed to mimic a natural diet.

Puppy Large Breed Chicken

This is a grain-free puppy food that is enriched with natural EPA and DHA extracts from salmon oil. It provides essential nutrients to ensure the optimum functioning of your canine’s nervous system.

Puppy Tin

This food is ideal for your puppies to kick-start the weaning process. It contains chicken breast and vegetables in a soft natural jelly.

Reputable vets from advanced pet care clinics emphasize that there is no one-size-fits-all food for puppies that will equally meet all the needs of all breeds. This means that you have to choose puppy food with excellent care.

But overall, the best food for your gr